Film evenings

The Museum of Romani Culture organizes regular Film Thursdays and evenings in the Conference Hall of the Moravian Library and also right in the Museum. In the framework of dramaturgy we select high-quality documentaries and feature films which are relevant for Roma issues. Every projection includes a discussion with a selected guest. Admission to Film Thursdays is always free of charge.


25.2. Václav Kubásek: Magic eyes (1923), accompanied by live music The Harmonic Play       MZK at 19.00

13.4. Kristýna Balaban: Romano Drom (Canada, Czech Rep.)                                                  Museum at 19.00

11.6. Miro Drobný: RYTMUS, Sídliskový sen (2015 / Slovakia, Czech Rep.)                                     Museum at 17.00

20.10. Dalekonosné housle – U nás doma, Poslední hudci                                                           MZK at 18.00

8.12. Toto a jeho sestry (Alexander Nanau, 2014 / Rumania)                                                         MZK at 18.00