Social – educational activities

Together for education


The project was supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the framework of the grant programme of the Ministry of Education supporting the integration of the Roma community, 2015.

Implementation of the project: March – December 2015

Museum Kids Club

The project was supported by the statutory city of Brno.

Implementation of the project: January – December 2015

Description of the project: The project of the Museum Kids Club is intended for children who regularly attend individual tutoring at the Museum of Romani Culture. Thanks to the project, children have the opportunity to spend their leisure time meaningfully and actively (in the problem area), which leads to the prevention of socially pathological phenomena. Individual project activities are adjusted in order to contribute as much as possible to the personal development of children – to improve their skills and increase their self-esteem. Great emphasis is placed on a long-term cooperation with children and regularity of activities. The project is unique in its overlap – it does not focus only on leisure activities, but also on education and success of the children at school (due to its link with tutoring). Project workers establish close relations with parents and encourage them to participate more intensely in their children’s education.

Summer camp for the children from Museum Kids Club

The project was supported by the city district of Brno – Centre.

Implementation of the project: August 2015

Description of the project: the summer camp is the culmination of a yearlong effort and a reward for regular and systematic work and attendance at individual tutoring.

Children can spend nine days outside the excluded locality, in nature, which is a unique opportunity for many of them.

Moreover, most of the children come from economically disadvantaged families who cannot afford to pay commercial summer camps for children.

The camp programme is socially oriented – personal development of children, through team and creative activities and adventure games. During all activities we emphasize the principle of fair – play. By staying away from home, the children also learn to take care of themselves, thereby acquiring new skills and competencies.

“Tell, paint, play …The Story of the Roma”

The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture as part of the Cultural Activities programme – sub-programme entitled “Support of educational activities in museums”.

Implementation of the project: February – November 2015

Description of the project:

We would like to present our permanent exhibition to the pedagogical public as an attractive place for realization of educational activities related to artistic creation directly in the premises of the Museum. A visit of a school group at the exhibition can also serve as the basis for other activities at school, for which the teachers would gain inspiration and supporting documents in the new didactic material (it will be created in a printed form and it will be available for free download on the website of the Museum). The project will include a series of seminars for students of pedagogical disciplines, which will ty to acquaint them with the exhibition The Story of the Roma and to guide them under the supervision of educational experts and professionals from the Museum through the process of creating educational programmes for school groups; these programmes will be based on the exhibition and will include creative art activities. All seminars will be held directly at the exhibition “The Story of the Roma” and other premises of the Museum. From the beginning, museum experts (curators of collection funds, a historian and a librarian) will be involved in preparations of the programme and they will also prepare supplementary materials for individual themes – photos, documents, audio and video recordings). The project partners are the Department of Art Education at the Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University and the Lužánky Leisure Centre in Brno, Lidická 50.