Decree of the Director of the Museum of Romani Culture No. 06/2020 of 24 July 2020

(replaces Director’s Order No. 05 of 1 July 2020)




in accordance with the regulation of the Government of the Czech Republic

Every visitor to the museum MUST comply with and observe the following safety measures and rules:

  1. 1. Visitors are required to pop the entrance to the building to use hand sanitizer.

2. Visitors showing symptoms of respiratory diseases will not be allowed to enter the building or will have to leave the museum building.

3. For safety and hygiene reasons, it is not possible to use headphones in the Lavutara exhibition or touch devices in the permanent exhibition and audio guides. These devices can be used with your own headphones or purchased as a one-off at the museum reception.

4. It is necessary to use a veil during a mass event in the interior of the museum with more than 100 people.

5. Simultaneously with these regulations, the Museum Visitor Rules remain in force.

Thank you to all visitors for following the rules, they are for our safety and yours.

This governing act is binding on all employees and visitors of the museum.

It shall take effect on 25. 7. 2020

I entrust the control of the fulfillment of that instruction / regulation to Darina Fajmonová and Alica Sigmund Heráková.

In Brno 24. 7. 2020

On behalf of PhDr. Jana Horváthová,
Director of the Museum of Romani Culture
Monika Prokešová