Decree of the Director of the Museum of Romani Culture

No. 02/2020 6 May 2020



due to novel coronavirus infection – valid for the duration of the emergency



In accordance with the Government of the Czech Republic’s regulations in connection with the spread of the COVID-19 disease, every visitor to the museum MUST comply with and observe the following safety measures and rules:


  1. 1. For the duration of the Government regulations, a total of 15 visitors at a time are allowed to enter the exhibitions and the library, i.e., the public areas of the museum.
  2. 2. Visitors will only be allowed to enter the premises with a covered mouth and nose, properly concealed by either a face mask or scarf.
  3. 3. After entering the building, visitors must disinfect their hands.
  4. 4. Before entering the exhibition space, the visitor is obliged to put on disposable gloves, especially with regard to the exhibits one is allowed to touch.
  5. 5. Visitors showing symptoms of respiratory diseases will either not be allowed to enter the building or will be required to leave the building.
  6. 6. For hygiene and safety reasons, it is not possible to use the headphones in the Lavutara. The Journey among Romani Musicians and Their Music exhibition or the devices featuring touch screens in the permanent exhibition and audio guides. These devices can be used with your own headphones or with disposable headphones purchased at the museum’s reception desk.
  7. 7. The museum café is closed during the ban on the operation of restaurant facilities.
  8. 8. After leaving the exhibition space, visitors must use the rubbish bin at the reception desk to dispose of their disposable gloves.
  9. 9. It is not allowed to congregate anywhere in the museum building or in the adjacent yard and everyone is obliged to keep a distance of 2 meters between themselves and others.
  10. 10. Simultaneously with these regulations, the Museum of Romani Culture’s Rules for Visitors remain in force.


Thank you to all visitors for following the rules, they are for our safety and yours.

This governing act is binding on all employees and visitors of the museum.

It shall take effect on 12.5.2020

I entrust the control of the fulfillment of this instruction/regulation to Darina Fajmonová and MgA. Monika Křivánková


In Brno 6.5.2020

PhDr. Jana Horváthová,

Director of the Museum of Romani Culture