The Memorial

Camp Lety, which was established on the outskirts of Lety in today´s Písek district, was first a disciplinary labour camp and later, during World War II, a collection camp and a so-called gypsy camp.


The official name of the camp changed according to its function. The camp was founded on August 8, 1940 as a disciplinary labour camp.


On March 9, 1942, with retrospective effect from January 1942, a collection camp was built on the site . The conditions of internment in the camp were comparable to the conditions in a disciplinary labour camp – the number of interned Roma was minor.


In August 1942, the collection camp was transformed into a gypsy camp in Lety near Písek.  Also, the  prisoners´ mix changed – there were people whom the Protectorate authorities considered to be gypsies, i.e. mainly Czech Roma. They were held in inhumane conditions and most of them deceased here or later in other concentration camps.


An agricultural enterprise – a large-capacity pig farm –  was built on the site in 1970s . A memorial was set up at the pig farm in 1990s; in August 2017, the government decided to buy and demolish the pig farm and build a memorial.


Since April 2018, the Museum of Romani Culture has been administering the premises of the former pig farm as well as the Cultural Monument of Lety (since January 2018).


On September 4, the government resolution of 21 August 2017 No. 609 and of 23 October 2017 No. 766 was revoked and the release of funds for demolition and archaeological research in the amount of CZK 111.5 million including VAT was approved.


The Museum of Romani Culture is currently carrying out maintenance works in the vicinity of the pig farm. Preparations are underway to announce a landscape architectural competition for the design of a new monument. The outcome of the competition should be known in spring 2020 and the pig farm will be demolished.


The pig farm is guarded while the shrubs clearing out and grass mowing are under way. The Memorial Lety is also being maintained.


The information center in the village of Lety (Municipal Office) is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

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