Visitor regulations

Decree of the Director of the Museum of Romani Culture

No. 05/2020 1 July 2020


due to novel coronavirus infection 

In accordance with the Government of the Czech Republic’s regulations in connection with the spread of the COVID-19 disease, every visitor to the museum MUST comply with and observe the following safety measures and rules:

    1. 1. Visitors are required to pop the entrance to the building to use hand sanitizer.


    1. 2. Visitors showing symptoms of respiratory diseases will not be allowed to enter the building or will have to leave the Museum building.


    1. 3. For safety and hygiene reasons, it is not possible to use headphones in the Lavutara exhibition or touch devices in the permanent exhibition and audio guides. These devices can be used with your own headphones or purchased as a one-off at the museum reception.


    1. 4. Everywhere in the museum building and in the adjacent yard, it is necessary to keep a distance of 2 meters.


    1. 5. Simultaneously with these regulations, the Museum Visitor Rules remain in force.

Thank you to all visitors for following the rules, they are for our safety and yours.

This governing act is binding on all employees and visitors of the museum.

It shall take effect on 1. 7. 2020

I entrust the control of the fulfillment of that instruction / regulation to Darina Fajmonová.

In Brno 1. 7. 2020

PhDr. Jana Horváthová, Director of the Museum of Romani Culture




Visitor regulations of the Museum of the Romani Culture, State Contributory Organization.

Museum of the Romani Culture, State Contributory Organization, (Muzeum romské kultury – MRK), Bratislavská 67, 602 00, Brno

The organization has been established by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and is entitled to use the  state property. according to Act no. 219/2000 coll., and the Foundation Deed ref. 18295/20, as amended by Decision no 45/2012 of the Minister of Culture of 20.12.2012.


Article I.

Personal data protection GDPR

A person entering the premises of the Museum of Romani Culture acknowledges and explicitly agrees to the organizer making free audio and video recordings of the event, including photographs of the participants and agrees to the publishing of such records on the museum website, in media and in promotional materials which inform about an event or promote the organization.

If you do not wish to be photographed or be on any other type of recording, or in case this has already happenned, please write to gdpr (at sign)

Article II.

Opening hours

  1. Museum of the Romani Culture is open year round  Tuesday to Friday, on Sunday and certain public holidays from 10.00 to 18.00 (last entry is at 17.15).
  2. Museum is closed on Mondays and Saturdays.
  3. For operations and technical reasons, opening hours are subject to change. Visitors will be informed about the changes on the museum website and on facebook.  This information will also be put up on the museum board. The museum management may also decide to close a part of the building.

Article III.

Museum entry and entry fees

  1. The main entrance only may be used to enter the museum building.
  2. Tickets can be purchased at the reception in the museum entrance hall.
  3. Admission fees, as stated in the price list located at the ticket office, are given in czech crowns and correspond to the respective museum price assessment. Any discount from the admission fees available by the museum discount system needs to be applied before the ticket purchase and relevant valid documents need to be presented. Discounts cannot be added and combined.
  4. Tickets cannot be returned; they are not transferable and only apply to one-time entry to the museum expositions.
  5. Visitors are obliged to keep the ticket in its original condition for the duration of the museum visit and present it for inspection at request.
  6. The ticket office, which also sells souvenirs, is closed 45 minutes before the end of the opening hours, usually at 17.15.
  7. The visitor acknowledges that the museum building is monitored by industrial cameras.

Article IV.

Taking photographs for non commercial purposes

Taking photographs for non commercial purposes is allowed.  Photographs and their copies may only be used  for non commercial purposes, provided that they are not used in innapropritate context.  This might not concern temporary exhibitions.

Article V

Taking photographs and making recordings for commercial purposes

Individuals interested in the possibility of taking photographs or filming for commercial purposes must obtain  permission by writing to media@rommuz.czUsing photographs or video materials made in the museum without the museum permission is forbidden.

Article VI.

Exposition tours

  1. Visitors can see the museum expositions individually or with a guide.
  2. Before the exposition tour, visitors are requested to read the Visitor regulations located at the museum reception.  Exposition plan may be used for better orientation.
  3. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. After the announcement asking the visitors to end the tour,  the premises must be left before the end of the opening hours without delay.

Article VII.

Personal health and safety and museum property protection

  1. Any actions or behavior that could lead to the damage of the museum property (exposition collection, exhibits, and building and exposition facilities) or to putting personal health and safety to risk is prohibited.

It is not allowed to:

  • smoke anywhere in the building
  • enter the building with dogs (with the exception of guide dogs), any other animals, large luggage and other objects which could lead to the damage of expositions
  • enter the exposition with food and drinks
  • enter the exposition premises in soiled clothes or under the influence of narcotics and addictive substances
  • touch the collection exhibits (with the exception of clearly interactive exhibits) and the exposition facilities – stands, show cases, electric switch boxes, extinguishers etc.
  • disturb the tour guide and other visitors by being too loud, by using radios or mobile phones
  • litter
  • enter the premises which are out of bounds for the visitors
  1. 2. Group leaders (tourist and school groups) are responsible for the behaviour of the group members and must ensure that it is in line with the Visitor regulations. Group leader must always stay with the group and cooperate with the tour guide if necessary.  Children under 15 are under the responsibility of their parents or accompanying adults.
  2. Visitors are obliged to observe the museum staff instructions in order to protect their perosnal health and safety and to protect the building and the property against damage or stealth. In the opposite case the visitor may be expelled from the premises without the right to the ticket fee refund.
  3. During manipulation with interactive exhibits and during crafting activities in the workshop, visitors are obliged to follow the museum staff instructions or written instructions.  Visitors are obliged to use the objects only to the purposes to which they have been designed and in the way they do not compromise their own personal health and safety and the health and safety of other visitors.
  4. Entry with buggies is allowed provided there is only one buggie on the exposition premises.

Article VIII.

Refreshments, cloak room, rest rooms, lift

  • Snacks may only be consumed outside the exhibitions premises – in the museum cafe or garden.
  • Before the exhibition entry, visitors are obliged to leave thein coats, jackets and large luggage at the cloak room. Lockers in the entrance hall are available free of charge.  In the case of groups or large numbers of visitors (exhibition openings, presentations, concerts) a member of staff locks the personal belongings into a lockable cabinet or keeps them on hangers in the cloak room while supervising the area.
  • Male and female toilets are situated on the ground, first and second floors. Disabled toilet is situated on the ground floor and second floor.
  • Lift is available for the disabled and people with buggies or children.  It is necessary to contact the reception staff in order to call the lift on the way up.  The lift is self service on the way down.

Article IX

Fire safety rules

  • Smoking and any manipulation with open fire is prohibited on the premises.
  • In the event of fire alarm ( announced by internal radio system or any other way) visitors are required to leave the building immediatelly by using the nearest exit. They must follow the instructions given to them by the museum staff, evacuation plan and fire safety officers.  It is not allowed to use the lift throughtout the duration of  fire alarm.

Article X

Final clause

  1. Museum is not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by not confirming to the Visitors regulations.
  2. Visitors who deliberately cause damage are responsible for the compensation in line with general regulations.
  3. Visitors can give their feedback by completing the forms available at the museum reception or by sending it via post or by telephone.
  4. Museum management reserves the right to make operative changes to the provisions of the above-mentioned Visitor regulations if the situation arises .
  5. The admission pricelist is issued as a separate Director’s directive (Director’s directive 6/2019 is in force at the time of approval of these regulations) and is attached to these Regulations. Its current valid version is always posted at the reception area and on the museum’s website.
  6. Visitors regulations become valid on the day of its issue.