New publication

We are delighted to introduce you new publication Aby bylo i s námi počítáno from the production of the Museum of Romani Culture.

The authors of the historical publication draw attention to the historical process of negotiation of the Roma involved with the state authorities in order to contribute to the improvement of the social status of Roma communities in Czechoslovakia from the 1940s to 1960s.

An important milestone in this book is the founding of the Union of Gypsies-Roma in 1968 on the territory of Slovakia and in 1969 on the territory of the Czech Republic. By reference to the socio-political changes during the Prague Spring period, which contributed to the establishment of the first officially recognized Roma organizations in Czechoslovakia, the publication connects to the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the events of 1968.

The book consists of two parts – the first is composed of texts of individual authors, the second part is an editorial work containing quality color reproductions of twelve selected archive documents from archives in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which for the period 1949-1969 document the active efforts of the Roma for negotiations with the party and state authorities, as well as efforts to establish an organization that would Czechoslovak Roma associated and represented. Archival documents are complemented by extensive historical commentaries by co-authors. 

Authors: Helena Sadílková (Faculty of the Roma Studies FF UK), Dušan Slačka (historian in Museum of Romani Culture), Milada Závodská (the head of the library in Museum of Romani Culture)