Remembrance of Ctibor Nečas

Today, December 19, 2018, we recall the first sad anniversary of the death of Ctibor Nečas.

Emeritus professor of Masaryk University, pioneer of research on the history of Romani ethnicity and the Romani holocaust, winner of the South Moravian Region Prize, Masaryk University Medal, City of Brno Prizes, Rakvice Prizes and Romani Spirit Prizes.
In 2011, he received the Museum of Romani Culture Award for his long-term cooperation, providing expert advice and consultations, and helping to extend museum collections.

The Museum of Romany Culture is preparing to publish a book of Romani personalities called Amendar, which was created thanks to the original project of Ctibor Nečas. You can look forward to it at the beginning of April 2019.