Programmes for schools

The Education Department of the Museum of Romani Culture acquaints visitors with the Romani culture, traditions and history by way of educational programmes and workshops.

Educational programmes use Museum exhibits, documents, audio and video recordings and memories of eye-witnesses. We place emphasis on interactive working methods, we entertain elements of drama education, support development of creative thinking and give space for authentic discovery of information and its processing.

The usual duration of a programme is 90 minutes. The price of the programme is CZK 30 per pupil or student. With a group of up to 30 students, two teachers have admission free of charge.

You can order participation in a programme by contacting the lecturer Lenka Sedláčková,, tel.: (+420) 545 214 419, (+420) 778 427 173.

Programmes accompanying the permanent exhibition

The Story of the Roma

The exhibition is impressive in terms of stage design and presents the history of the Roma and their culture through a number of exhibits and documents. The programme with the same title is offered in several variants for visitors of all age groups. The youngest visitors will learn in a playful way where the Roma come from, get acquainted with the traditional way of life of the Roma and their crafts, they will see the flag of the Roma…Older students will gain detailed insight into the history of the Roma ethnic group from the oldest past to the present, learn the basics of the Romani language, traditional culture and customs.

The Roma Holocaust

An interactive programme for pupils of 8th and 9th grades of elementary school or high school students, focusing on the often neglected issue of the Roma Holocaust in the history textbooks. With the help of a timeline, historical documents and individual stories, the pupils learn about the situation of the Roma before and during the Second World War. During the programme, we screen a short documentary “Those dark memories” or “Live! Ceija Stojka“. Program is offered as an accompanying animation to a travelling exhibition about the genocide of the Roma.

Thematic programmes

Wait until I finish the painting!

An animation workshop focused on works of Roma artists. We will get a closer look at different techniques and materials including unique techniques of Rudolf Dzurka, a prominent Romani artist. In our atelier we will try working with crushed glass (combined technique, collage). The programme supports the development of vocabulary, imagination and fine motoricity.

Lačho lav sar maro / A good word is like bread

The programme dedicated to Romani literature. The smallest children get a taste of the Romani alphabet and listen to the story in the Romani and Czech languages, older pupils and students will work with medallions and excerpts from the texts of Roma authors.

 Paťan – Ma paťan / Věřte – nevěřte

An interactive workshop about the Roma and the media for pupils 8th and 9th grades of elementary schools or high school students. We will work with data from media analyses, with specific articles, deal with the journalists’ code of ethics and principles used in creating a media image. It is possible to arrange a discussion with a Roma journalist.

Nothing attracts you in our offer? We can easily adapt the form, duration and content of the programme according to your wishes. We can prepare a programme for children from kindergarten as well as for university students. We offer lectures and seminars for teachers, civil servants and all those who want to learn more about the minority, which has been living here with us for centuries and about which we still know almost nothing.