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> Andrej Pešta: Mire Sveti / Světy Andreje Pešty PROLONGED!

23. 3. – 10. 3. 2019

The exhibition Mire sveti presents a curated selection of photos from Andrej Pešta’s legacy. Andrej Pešta (1921-2009) was a prominent, yet, at present nearly forgotten figure. His selected photos bring an authentic view of the life of the Roma in Czechoslovakia mainly between the 1960s – 1980s. Visitors have the opportunity to be confronted with a testimony regarding the Roma that is different from what they are used to seeing in Czech and Slovak documentary photography; they are presented a chance view from the inside. In his photos, Pešta captured the reality which surrounded him in the places where he lived, worked and was active (East Slovakia, South Moravia). To us Pešta was, until the 1990s, the only famous Roma photographer in the area of former Czechoslovakia.

An extensive archive of Pešta’s photos is deposited in the Photo Documentation Collection of the Museum of Romani Culture; it consists of the negatives of nearly 1500 images. The Museum of Romani Culture gained the images in 2003 as a gift from the author. Due to the financial support of Bader Philanthropies, Inc., the archive was fully processed in 2016-2017. Tomáš Pospěch, an external curator, was invited to cooperate on the exhibition project and the exhibition’s accompanying publication Andrej Pešta O Fotki.

Images in the exhibition are accompanied by other items from the Museum of Romani Culture Collection. These items document the wide scope of Pešta’s activities, such as his work for the editorial office of the Union Of Gypsies-Roma journal Románo ľil, and his literary and art work. As part of the exhibition’s preparatory work, research was done in the archives, based on which it was possible to complete some of the missing pieces in Pešta’s biography. Contact was established with his family, as well as with his living contemporaries. The curatorial team also visited the places where Pešta lived and worked. And now, you as well have the opportunity to explore the Worlds of Andrej Pešta.

  1. > Accompanying program
  2. > 11. 10. 2018
  3. 5pm Commented tour of the exhibiton with curators / Tomáš Pospěch and Adam Holubovský
  4. 6pm Discussion with photographers of Roma themes
  5. > 14. 10. 3pm Commented tour and workshop for visitors and children
  6. > 10. – 11. 11. Two-day photographic workshop (in cooperation with Komora) – analogue photography in Brno
    1. > 29. 11. 6pm Projection of short documentary film Kluci z Torysek
      > 18. 11. 3pm Commented tours and workshop for visitors and children
      > 9. 12. 3pm Commented tours and workshop for visitors and children
  7. >  Events for the public
  8. > 24. 10. 2018 18h Romové a stát (Roma people and the State) at the Old Town Hall, Freskový sál, Radnická 8
    1. Debate with historians and Romani experts for the anniversary of 1918 – 2018 (1918 – the founding of the Czech Republic) The award of the Museum of Romani Culture will be granted during the evening. Also the presentation of our new book „Aby i s námi bylo počítáno“ will be held on this special event. Evening will be musically accompanied by jazz trio – Los Carlos Manouche.

> Free entry
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