On September the 20th the library is closed.

Opening time:

MONDAY 10 – 13h
TUESDAY 10 – 13h
WEDNESDAY 13 – 18h
THURSDAY 13 – 18h

The systematically created library of the Museum of Romani Culture has a substantial role to play within the mission of the Museum in relation to the Czech society.

It has deserved its extraordinary position in Europe thanks to its unique collection of books and periodicals. The library of the Museum of Romani Culture gathers Romani and non-Romani literature, published in Czech, Romani and other world languages. Currently, its fund contains nearly 6 000 library items, including periodicals. In the library you can find books mapping the history, culture, art and lifestyle of the Roma in the Czech Republic and abroad, as well as the Roma poetry, fairy tales, prose, song lyrics, expert studies and theses. The library subscribes to selected Romani periodical published in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Contact: Mgr. Milada Závodská, Ph. D.

Phone: +420 545 211 411

All literature can be lent only during the users’ physical presence in the library.

Our study room is available for the reasearchers.