How can you support us?

  • you can help by making a donation
  • you can buy or donate a collection item

Contact for donators:

Director Jana Horváthová: horvathova (at sign)
Account number: 197531621/0710 (ČNB)


Currently we search for volunteers to help us with tutoring socially disadvantaged children. Czech language is a must. For more information contact us: ref (at sign)

And why to support us?

  • We are still the only museum of this kind and scale in Europe and worldwide. We offer modern and colourful exhibitions, a unique permanent exhibition entitled The Story of the Roma (from India until today). You will support the purchase of other important acquisitions to the collections of the Museum and you will take part in improving and updating our permanent exhibition
  • We cooperate with a number of prestigious Czech and foreign institutions (Masaryk University, seminar of the Romani studies at Charles University, University in Český Těšín, …)
  • You will get an opportunity to organize your own educational activities in accordance with the Founding Instrument of the Museum in the fully equipped lecture hall of the Museum.
  • You can deduct the amount of your support from the tax base
  • Through original witnesses – cultural documents / collection objects – we help the Roma find the roots of their identity and thus better integrate themselves into the society. We contribute to the fight against xenophobia and racism.
  • As an extra activity we focus on educational activities, apart from lectures and interactive events for school children and youth, our teachers and mentors tutor about 60-80 children from socially excluded localities; in this respect we are also assisted by approximately 40 volunteers