About us

The Museum of Romani Culture was founded in 1991 as a non-profit organisation at the initiative of Roma intellectuals. Since 2005, the Museum of Romani Culture has become a state contributory organization of Ministry of Culture. It is an unique institution worldwide. Since the beginning, the Museum has primarily sought to build collection funds (approximately 25 000 collection items) documenting the Romani culture and history. Today it administers the funds of traditional crafts and professions, types of dwellings, interior furnishings, clothing and jewellery, fine arts, written materials, posters and invitations, audio, photo and video documentation, library, echoes of the Romani culture in the culture of the major society and the auto-documentation fund of the Museum.

The original historical items – part of the collection are presented in the permanent exhibition called The Story of the Roma / Le Romengero drom. Apart from the permanent exhibition, the Museum offers a wide range of temporary exhibitions to the public. It also organizes a number of other public events – the annual Museum Night, lectures and meetings, film evenings, fashion shows, concerts or books promotions and sales of music of its own production (not only), etc.

There is library and the study room in the Museum available to the researchers.

Besides all of those the Museum runs the Museum Kids Club that offers a programme to children from the neighbourhood of the Museum several days of the week; school children and youth can visit animation programmes.