The Textiles Fund belongs among the most attractive funds. The fund is conceived so that it includes garments of various historical groups of the Roma. The textile collection was created shortly after the Museum was founded and it has been expanded primarily on the basis of collections in the field. The Textile Fund is made ​​up of five distinct sub-collections: women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, handicrafts and household textiles. Our Museum presents the Textiles Fund during popular fashion shows as for example  Luminita tančí (Luminita dancing) or Chodí bosa v trávě (She walks barefoot in the grass), in 2006 the Museum also prepared a solo exhibition called “S’oda pre tute? – What are you wearing?”. The Fund is presented in the publication entitled Collections of the Museum of Romani Culture: Textiles. Jewellery. Acquisitions 1991-2006 (163 pages, 2007)

Curator: Mgr. Eva Mazárová
Contact: remesla (at sign) rommuz.cz