The Audio-Documentation Fund presents an extensive collection of audio materials, which includes both officially published records with Romani music (discs, cassettes, CDs), as well as audio recordings (i.e. born digital records, i.e. recorded and edited in a digital format), which focus on documentary and research activities of the Museum – biographical and memorial narratives of Roma and non-Roma eyewitnesses, interviews with artists and craftsmen, documentation about Roma musicians, documentation about public events of the Museum, documentation of performances and concerts of Gypsy bands and musicians.

The Auto-Documentation Department has prepared two CDs, namely: Giľa, ďíľa, giľora (Museum of Romani Culture, 2002) and …These dark memories (…to jsou těžké vzpomínky) (Větrné mlýny and PLUM PRODUCTION, s.r.o.)

Own records of the Audio-Documentation Fund are available to researchers, students and the public, subject to license conditions.

Curator: Josef Bagár ml.
Contact: hudba (at sign)