The Auto–documentation Fund is a collection of various types of written documents created during activities of the Museum of Romani Culture. This fund includes mostly promotional materials for various Museum events (exhibitions, lectures, film projections, etc.), it also contains guest books, external publications with information on the activities of the Museum. Major acquisitions include for example documents from the period when the Museum was established in the early 1990s. The Auto-documentation Fund also contains a variety of diplomas and awards, which the Museum has received at various competitions and shows.

Attractions undoubtedly include registration cards of collection articles of the former Union of the Gypsy-Roma, which were transferred from the Ethnographic Institute of the Moravian Museum in Brno to the then young Museum of Romani Culture in 1992. These cards document a part of the collection of Roma smithery products collected in particular by the first Roma historian and actor Daniel Bartoloměj for an exhibition focusing on Romani crafts and for the planned Museum of the Roma. After forced termination of the activities of the Union in 1973, these items were deposited for nearly twenty years in the Moravian Museum in Brno.

At the moment, the fund includes about 1000 acquisitions.

The importance of the Fund was confirmed during preparations of a temporary exhibition called “Under the magnifying glass – Pod lupou” subtitled “20 years of the Museum of Romani Culture”, which summarized twenty years of the Museum and was opened to the public in October 2011. The curators used a variety of different materials and they presented the most interesting ones in the exhibition hall itself. Visitors were thus able to see inter alia a selection of three-dimensional items or three-dimensional architectural plans of the permanent exhibition.

Those who are interested can obtain more information from the relevant curator during research visits.

Curator: Mgr. Dušan Slačka
Contact: historie (at sign)